Leave Me Hangin’

The red fire that burns inside me, fuels the hatred for you when your juvenile actions occur. 

Leave me hangin’

You look into my eyes and leave me there to challenge life by myself. You feel a conscience talkin’ but you don’t hear him.

Leave me hangin’

How dare you leave foul memories behind. Bad memories floatin’ around me. 

Leave me hangin’

Lead me in the way of the worst decisions ever. All ’cause of you I have to fight to get through. Get through a life of hurt , regret, and hatred.

Leave me hangin’.




I am a pearly white dove, flying in the blue sky above. I look into your beating heart, and find warm endless love. 

Caring to share even if you dared, but those who seem to throw it away. Cry, cry, cry yourself to sleep, but why should you feel deep sorrows that are meant to fade away.

Not Gone in Spirit

Not knowing if they will come back, but it seems that they will. You will miss the ones who have gone so soon. What it would be like if they were still here. Laughter, an amass of laughter. Tears. Not even one. Memories are all thay we can keep within your mind and their love in your heart. It takes so much out you, to realize that they are gone. But they’re not really gone. Not in spirit.

The New Him

I  don’t how I feel  about  the new him.

He gives the GREATEST hugs, every hug I get seems longer.

I LOVE his scent.

I set my eyes on him and it’s like I blush.

My stomach tightens when he looks at me with those amazing eyes.

In my lunch I would always be the last one to come down to the cafeteria. He would be waiting for me.

Here comes the hugs again!!

The interruption of our  friends plaudits.

We turn and smile.

I would love to learn more about him.

All I have to do is just ask.

But will it happen?

Did I Change?

  • Quiet
  • Better grades
  • Good reports
  • More achievements at home and school
  • Paying EVEN MORE attention in church
  • Starting to understand more of what is happening around me 

What in the world has happened to me? There is no more Ms. Loud-mouth. Did I change? This is strange.

I’m Moving Up

During Physical Science, another talkative day in science. One of the assistant principals rushed through the door and asked for me. It felt like my heart had sunk to my stomach. Then I saw my AVID teacher and I felt fine. “Did I do something wrong?” I asked in a scared way. “No you didn’t do anything wrong it’s about your mathematics class”, the tension just slid off me.  They had both said that have had a conference with my Pre-Algebra teacher. The agreement was to move me up to Algebra. Then my shoulders shrugged down with relief. I was moving up, another college class, more homework. Am I ready for the challenge? I have AVID to help me, my teacher can help me. I will see after the test. I all I know is that I’m moving up.