Fight Until the End of Day

Call me a women who has strength and put you in your place with no restraint. I’ve been through things more than you know, it was so much that I had to show……I am more than an individual that makes mistakes and calls you out when your acting fake. I will prove a point that will help me in the future, I can silence the things that hiss in my head the snakes of Medusa. I will come upon opportunities that will come my way, fight until the end of day. I would play around to make it look funny, but now I understand that I looked like a straight dummy. I tried to please the people around me and forgot about by dreams. Dreams where I could be seen. Thinking I didn’t need help, I rather show off. I was being myself. Later on I showed you I wasn’t a toy, I couldn’t be pushed around……not even by boys. I stand straight and tall, you’ll never make me fall. I will keep Fighting, fighting until the end of day. Take a moment to think of how someone would sink, sink in their own disbelief or bad actions. What would you say, what would you do, how could you pull someone through? We can all fight to make the world better. We can make it a peaceful home for the generations after. I can say I will do it, but it takes more than words to show it. We can prove that we can do more than we always do. When all is done, and we made a better day. We have proven that we fought………Fought until the end of day.

~Poetic Me


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