Never feel that it can only stop hurting, if you kill yourself. Why I tell you, is because I felt the same way before. An eleven year-old thinking the most horrifying thing. As the knife is in my hand, I hear a voice in my head refusing to let me. Suffering with the pain inside me. The aching pain. It felt as if the knife had already been plunged into my chest. I kneel down as the puddle of my pain is sitting on the floor in front of me, I just couldn’t seem to bare the reason why I couldn’t leave. Sitting on the cold floor drowning in my pain. What should I do now? Until enchanting memories came to mind, changing my perspective on life. Wanting to change the way I am. Looking into my future and knowing that it will be fine, I returned the knife to the drawer. The pain had been wiped away along with the tears. The weight of pain had been lifted off my chest and into the sky. I never noticed that my love for life was so strong. Never think the worst of life. Smile. You may never get to.



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