I Missed You


The day you called me , I wasn’t looking for the question to come out. It did!!

(The phone rings)

Me: Hello?

Hunter: Can I speak to Torain?

Me: This is she.

Hunter: Hey.

Me: Hi

Hunter: It might seem wierd me calling you. Is it? 

Me: Yeah alittle.

(The question comes out)

Hunter: Hey are you seeing anyone?

Me: No, why?

Hunter: Because I kinda miss how we bonded.

Me: so what you’re trying to say is that–

Hunter: I’m saying that I want you back. So do you want to go back out?

Me: Yeah. Can we take this slow?

Hunter: What do you mean?

Me: I mean get to know you more.

Hunter: You do know me.

Me: Not like I should.

I didn’t really tell you this Hunter but I missed you………..



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