You Slipped Away

We had it all and I cannot believe it is gone. You were the other half of me, but you took all of me with you. Now that there is no me and you forever, all the drawings and poems that I have made, have burned and cannot be brought back until you come back. Each day I felt something deep down that was wrong. It was you, you were slipping away from the love that we have created and I can’t stand it. Listening to the sadest song ever I cannot understand why you could not tell me why you slipped away from my hands. The feeling that you were mine forever is now gone. the moments that we have created still drift through my mind, your scent of how we hug and would not let go… I still smell the scent of you. Every sunday I past you and I want to say the things that I had been wanting to say but it will not pass my teeth. I let you slip away and I can’t belive I did but, I guess you have moved on and I’m still reliving our moments together and cry before I go to sleep every night.

All I wanted to say was that, I miss you and the tears that roll down my face are for you and they still roll down my face as I type this.

* This is a true story of a 13 year old girl that will probably would not get him back.

*I miss you Hunter and I hope you reach down in your heart like I did to find our love that still exist in my heart.


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