My Life, then I opened My Eyes

My life didn’t make sense to me and how can except the fact that I’m living it. The pain that I didn’t show made me feel like nothing was important, and I wanted to kick the bucket, trip, fall and bust my head open. I didn’t think that no one loved me, or cared about what I did, but it’s just that too many things have been put on me and around me it made things hard. Now that I have opened my eyes, I see that in my life there are people that do love me and care about what I do. I guess that I should have opened my eyes earlier than now, some things are still falling apart, but not like it was before I opened my eyes to the ALMOST  “new and improved me”.


One thought on “My Life, then I opened My Eyes

  1. It is always good to catch yourself when you feel yourself falling like that. I’ve fallen all the way to the bottom. The deepest and darkest hole I’ve ever crawled out of was depression.

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