Boys Continued

What is wrong with the boys of this generation? They play too much to be hanging around with all day or five minutes. Back then I bet you boys were so polite, generous, and open-minded you could actually sit down at a table to talk to them. Now, I don’t think you can do that, this generation of boys are so full of themselves. They have to understand that girls have boundaries, don’t cross my line and you’ll be fine. Touching hair, hitting the back of your head., calling you babe when you don’t go out with them. It annoys me so much. Boys think that if they have girls around them they all that. Most of them think that. Why were boys invented?


One thought on “Boys Continued

  1. People in general have a history of being shallow and self-centered. I’ve never been on the “popular” side, so I’ll never know. I knew what a gentleman was by the time I was 11. I’ve acted like one since.

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