If you were to trust someone how could you trust them and what could you trust them with? That’s what I have to think about, who can I trust and what can I trust them with. Sometimes I feel like I can’t trust anyone because of the way they look when I tell them or who they will tell. I trust MYSELF more than I trust my friends, just because you call them friends doesn’t mean you can trust them all the time. Crushes, personal problems, I can’t trust anyone with any of those things because I scared of what they might do or who they will tell. The only way you can gain or earn my trust is that you don’t tell me lies and talk about behind my back when you can come and say it directly to me, that’s how you gain or earn my trust.


One thought on “Trust

  1. This is a classic problem in middle/high school. For me, I suppose you can say I hardened my heart. I spent most of my middle schools years being chased home from school with broken glass bottles and other things. Then, I didn’t want to trust anyone anymore. I was described as “creepy” in high school once (but I wasn’t a goth). I was kind of happy with this because it made people keep their distance from me. Those who judge you based on your looks usually aren’t worth talking to anyway.

    But, as an adult, I don’t care what other people think of me anymore. I care only what those who love me think about me. I have two boys and a wife that think the world of me. Sometimes I sill wonder if I’m worth anything, but I know I’m worth something to them.

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